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TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain Policies

Any Christian can share Jesus Christ and pray for people at THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN. However, only trained and certified Tour Guide Chaplains officially represent TCKF. These screened volunteers are members of”TCKF Volunteer Fire Department” (VFD), under the authority of the “Fire Marshall”, and the TCKF Executive Committee. Approved applicants will be presented with a TCKF Red Apron and commissioned for one year of service. All applicants must be ‘Born-again” and “Empowered” (Baptized in the Holy Spirit) because someone cannot give away what they don’t have. All applicants must be willing to serve as both “tour guides” and “chaplains” to fulfill the evangelistic mission of TCKF.

Chaplain Role– Applicants must be willing to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including the Salvation (Born- again experience) and Empowerment (Baptism of the Holy Spirit Experience) to all guests at the Garden. They must be willing, as the Holy Spirit leads, to also pray for other personal needs including inner and physical healing.

Tour Guide Role– Applicants must be very familiar with the continuing story and facts about the Garden, its history, artwork and donor artists. Many visitors come to the Garden for non-spiritual reasons. Our evangelistic strategy is to draw people to Jesus Christ using beautiful artwork, landscaping, panoramic views, walking trails and other attractions. These free tours provide a means of presenting the Gospel to guests. Normally, an evangelistic invitation should be given at the end of a tour presentation, which is usually about 15 to 30 minutes long. It is recommended that at least two Tour Guide Chaplains be on-site for each scheduled tour, if possible.

Service At Garden– All Applicants must be willing to spend time each month at the Garden functioning as a Tour Guide Chaplain. These times can be spontaneous as the Holy Spirit leads, or prearranged, scheduled times. A Tour Guide Chaplain who is unable to do the minimum 4 hours per month will be contacted to see whether special accommodation is needed or they should no longer be considered active. Applicants should also be willing to provide tours for scheduled groups, when possible. It is highly recommended that all Chaplains take an evangelism course to sharpen their evangelistic skills.

Fruit Reports – Tour Guide Chaplains should submit a brief “Fruit Report” summary, in some form, following their sessions at the Garden. These ”Fruit Reports” are used to inspire other Tour Guide Chaplains, to evaluate and document our evangelistic efforts. Most Tour Guide Chaplains prefer to submit a short narrative report of three or four paragraphs. “Fruit Reports” should be emailed to the TCKF Office and other Tour Guide Chaplains.

Requirements– Applicants must:

  1.  Listen to designated TCKF audio training Online, or on CDs.
  2. Read all designated Tour Guide Chaplain training materials. 
  3. Submit a Tour Guide Chaplain Application.
  4. Submit to a criminal background check.
  5. Be willing to spend time each month serving at the Garden. Four hours minimum are recommended. 
  6. File a “Fruit Report“, in some form, within 48 hours of session, if possible.
  7. Chaplains must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards, or they will be removed, following a hearing and vote of the Executive Committee. The TCKF Red Apron must be surrendered at that time.
  8. Tips, or Donations Directly to Chaplains are not accepted. All donations go to TCKF!
    No exceptions.
  9. TCKF certified Tour Guide Chaplains must wear their red TCK.F Aprons when serving in their official capacity at the Garden, so guests can know who can be trusted to pray for them. Scheduled tours will be posted on the TCKF Events Calendar found on our website for all to see. It is the desire of TCKF that Tour Guide Chaplains are onsite during all open hours of the Garden.
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