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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Alan Parker, Attorney, President of The Justice Foundation, San Antonio, TX

“Last fall, I attended the Women’s Aglow Conference in Kerrville, Texas. On Friday night, there was prayer for healing, and I felt that I was to go forward and ask for healing of my stomach. The next day, the Aglow participants were encouraged in their free afternoon session to go to the Prayer Sculpture Garden in Kerrville. My wife, Susan, and I decided to go. We walked through the incredible Prayer Garden and were deeply moved by the sculptures and the scriptures as we walked up the hill to the Open Cross. As we went through the Open Cross, we heard a woman say: “I believe the Lord wants to heal a stomach and a neck problem.” I said, “The stomach is me!” My wife said, “The neck is me!” The Glory of God was so strong that I could barely stand on the top of the hill. I fell to my knees and saw the 10 Commandments plaque at the bottom of the cross. I believe that the rivers of water flowing underneath the hill, the open cross and the 10 Commandments are representative of the turnaround and the healing that God is going to give to our nation, even though the Supreme Court reversing its Roe v. Wade abortion decisions and the school prayer cases which broke our covenant between God and America, which are cases I am working or will be working on, as a lawyer. The woman prayed for my stomach and after that weekend, my stomach was miraculously healed of decades of severe acid reflux which had almost produced Barrett’s esophagus, and which had moved into my lower intestines in a very painful way. I stopped taking my medicine and have not taken in it since and I am healed in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Prayer Garden!”

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