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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Mark Mosier, Kerrville, TX (Newley elected TCKF Trustee)

“After serving as a tour guide chaplain, it is extremely obvious to me that the Holy Spirit is working and blessing all activities involving the Cross. I have never left the Cross after serving, without an amazing story (or more) regarding how the Lord is working in the lives of those I meet. Going to where God is working and joining in is a no-brainer to me. The Lord has shown me that my strengths involved relationships, and efficiency in business related management. This is typically in areas of organic growth; that is; using what resources you have and growing. Defining growth may be physical, spiritual, financial, and even emotional. Thank you for the opportunity to be associated with such an amazingly loyal, unselfish group of Christians. I often say ‘Attitudes are contagious; is yours worth catching?’ I have never met anyone associated with the Cross who did not have an attitude that I did not want to catch. As long as I keep myself being Spirit led, I remain blessed. Thanks for this opportunity.”

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