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Roz Bell, Kerrville, TX

“What a Blessing! Some friends of mine from La Grange came up to The Empty Cross for the first time and they brought another couple with them. Beth was the Tour Guide Chaplain that I had scheduled for this little group, since we had an Executive Committee Meeting going on in the office at the time of the tour. I was able to get away for a few minutes and go see and pray with my friends at The Cross. As I prayed for our little group, God graced Linda with the Shekinah Glory and she was beyond amazed! Linda and Ken are diligent in sharing The Empty Cross information that I post on Face Book with their friends, which expands our exposure to their friends and so on and so on. They loved their tour. Beth is awesome and God was definitely “showin’ off again! Linda said they can’t wait to come back again to visit The Garden. And guess what, they are Lutherans and still believed in The Angel Dust??!! Thank you, Jesus for making this such a special visit for my friends and for me! Thanks Beth ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!”

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