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Rev. David Bird, Ingram, TX

“About a year ago the doctor told me that the growth on my head was melanoma and I needed to get it removed. Later on, I finally had enough of this thing getting bigger and bigger. I went to the Solid Rock Church in Center Point on a Wednesday night, and called for the pastor and the elders of the church to lay hands on it and command this growth to dry up and fall off in three days. In the name of JESUS, they did! Thursday, I started anointing it with oil two times a day and commanding it off myself. We came to the cross on Saturday with a church member. When her and my wife anointed it, they noticed it had become very dry and brittle. Saturday night was the end of the three-day time limit we had given the growth to be removed, and that night it began to crumble and fall off exactly as it was commanded to do. The next morning at church, I called on the same elders and the pastor to lay hands and command this thing off my head again. Then I sat down and said, “If you can find it!” all the church member jumped up to see for themselves what the power of the name of JESUS can do… Today it is completely gone and no signs of a scar at all.”

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