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Rachel Perry RN, Tomball, TX

“Max, my name is Rachel Perry and I met you at the cross on Saturday September 12, 2015. I wanted to give you a little of my story. I was a 12-year breast cancer survivor until January 4, 2015. I was originally diagnosed in October of 2002. Breast cancer has been very ugly to my family! I lost my mother and grandmother to breast cancer in 1989. In January of 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to many lymph nodes in my chest and had many lesions in both of my lungs. I was undergoing chemotherapy when I visited the cross in September of 2014. I was attending a Women’s retreat at Hill Country Camp on Harper road. Several ladies from my church along with several volunteers from the cross prayed for me inside that cross. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very thick in that cross. I stood on the scripture Isaiah 53:5 on the walkway and claimed my healing. God clearly spoke to me under that cross. He told me I would not die of cancer and I needed not to fear. I left that day with an overwhelming joy that I was going to live! On the Monday before Christmas I was told I was CANCER FREE! I came back to the cross this week to thank God for my healing at the place I was healed, and to place another rock that announced my healing for all to see. I am so thankful for the cross! Forever thankful. “

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