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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Nancy House, Colorado Springs, CO

“Dear Max, I want to share my miracle of healing inside of The Empty Cross last month, and also tell you of my connection with you and Sherry. I met you and your family at Keith Lamb’s church (Grace Bible Chapel) when your daughter was young. My sister, Janet, who still lives in Texas, took me to see your sculpture of Jesus and Peter sitting on a hill at Living Waters Retreat Center. It was an amazing spiritual experience for both of us, as we drove around the curve and saw the life-size sculpture. After that, she bought me a Print of it that has been hanging in our home for years. I still have a file of your brochures from a long time ago. Janet wanted to take my husband, Jim, and me to experience the power of God in the Cross in Kerrville, since the opening of The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. She has taken people there many times and tried to describe the presence of God experienced on the inside. We were able to visit The Empty Cross this fall. The Cross and the presence of God experienced there is really indescribable! We were so very blessed to be able to be there in person and to be healed while there. Max, your obedience to Jesus as He directed you to build the Cross is our modern day Noah’s Ark, even with people laughing at your plan. We are so very grateful that you and Sherry listened to God’s voice and obeyed. I am sending an account of my healing inside of the Cross, on October 15, 2016, separately for your records. My heart and prayers are always for you. Blessings.”

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