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Bobby Jetton, TCKF Volunteer, Kerrville, TX

“Easter at the Cross: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 7pm I served as a “Greeter”. Friday a woman with a removable cast on her arm let me minister to her. After I prayed for her, I asked her to take off the cast. She did and her arm seemed to be healed but she started to put the brace back on. I asked her why do that. She said her thumb hurt, so I prayed some more for the thumb till it was OK. When she left she shook hands with me and gave me a strong hand-shake with the healed hand. Saturday a man with a removable arm brace did almost exactly like the lady before. However, he said his arm was broken and would have hurt if he’d taken the brace off before I did my thing. Instant miracle. Sunday was uneventful until about 6:30. I asked a lady in a wheel chair if I could pray for her. She said she had not been able to walk for about 7 months. I prayed for her then asked her to stand up and she did. I took her hands and said “Let’s walk” and she did without pain. I went backwards till we got to the entrance to the area. She said she was afraid of heights so I let go of her and said turn around and go the other way. I took a picture of her walking and her husband walking beside her and her dad behind her with her wheel chair. After a bit she stopped and cried big time. I guess it took her that long to realize she was actually walking. The girl that was working with me and a man got all excited and started praying for other people so we had several miracles happen that last few minutes. The man said he had come there from San Antonio hoping he could see a healing miracle so he could try doing it. So he was very thankful that I had started the ball rolling. I wish I could explain how wonderful it is to say a few words and God heals the person. It is working with God Himself. Too AWESOME for words!”

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