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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain, Col. Bill Lewis, Kerrville, TX (91 years old.)

“Max, it (the garden) really is a Divinely inspired instrument; God’s children are feeling His presence and introducing their children to the Lord they know and love. I know you and Sherry know your sacrifice has paved the path to a new life for a significant number of our guests. So many expressed their appreciation for the effort expended to bring this great Christian edifice to Kerrville. I can list a few that indicated it was one of the most moving moments they had ever experienced. Larry and Zoe, Maria and Larry, Herico and Pedro, Pat and Steve were some of the individuals who stopped on the way out to tell how very much this visit had influenced them and their group. Maria, the lady who brought her elderly parents and the large family group from Houston was especially expressive in her thanks; she told me to please thank the two of you for this magnificent expression of our Lord’s love. It was a good day; we prayed, we praised , we thanked our Lord; we had an especially nice Texas group today. No foreigner’s; all home folks; the first time I have had a day of nothing but people who call our great state Home.”

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