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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Col. Bill Lewis (91) TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain, FRUIT REPORT

“To Max and all; on this Friday twenty one faithful followers gathered at the Cross for praise and prayer… Each day at the Cross affords new opportunities to share the vision and the love of our Lord. Linda and seven member of her Missionary family thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Garden. She has served as a missionary in many areas, most recently in Germany, she was amazed to find this magnificent Garden tucked away in the glorious Texas hills; her description. Elaine and Slater, like many before them, were just passing through an our Magnetic Cross reached out and attracted them. They were so glad they took the 508 exit. Leta and her little family, from Austin, planned this trip just to visit the Cross and as the others on this day was so very glad she did; much praise for the beauty and peace it affords. Hector and his family, like Leta, planned their family trip to visit the cross; they came from Seguin and San Marcus—the little people and their parents equally enjoyed the scriptures and the beautiful art; they were really impressed… Hondo, that’s his name, and his friends from Austin also made the trip to experience the Cross on the advice of friends in their church. There were no complaints on this day; we had a full house of happy campers. They were still arriving when I had to leave at four. The day was mostly a time of joyfully experiencing the Lord on His holy Mountain. Couples and families, enjoying each other and rejoicing to be in His presence; another great day on the Mountain. As they say in the Piney Woods, ‘it just don’t get much better than that.’ God bless each of you.”

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