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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Susan Casey, Austin, TX

(Letter to Pastor Randy Phillips from Susan Casey) “Randy… my passion for the ‘Second Coming Prayer Garden’ was born from this struggle. My mom invited me to go there last September and it was there that I could feel alive, I felt peace and I felt His Presence… and there I could rest in Him and begin to see things from a new light. I have taken a few people there, as as you know, I’ve shared the story of this garden with many people. I have probably been there seven to eight times in the past year and now I have committed to God to meet Him there at the beginning of every month, as a sort of First Fruits…not for the discipline of the act, but because I am restored up on that hill. I want to bring this place to Austin for all those who are struggling like me and have no place to rest! In the Prayer Garden it usually happens that I am there two hours alone with God worshipping, praising, crying, talking and listening. I know my own version of what you described last week (in your sermon) and I thank you for being so transparent! …”

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