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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Louada Raschke, TCKF Trustee, Kerrville, TX

“There is a powerful presence of the Lord at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. I believe it is even more so on Easter weekend. The magnificent sculptures, the gorgeous landscape and views, the powerful prayer rock paths, prayer benches, 77 Scripture Tiles, Baptismal pool, and the anointed worship music is almost indescribable. It is overwhelmingly beautiful! Thousands of visitors have had life-changing experiences at TCKF Sculpture Prayer Garden. I believe everyone who attends the Resurrection Celebration Easter weekend will experience the Lord in a personal and intimate way as we worship together and hear powerful true testimonies. Something extraordinary happens when you see the massive 77’7” Empty Cross towering above you and the bigger than life Coming King Sculpture of Jesus on a white horse in front of it. You realize that Jesus died for you, rose again and is coming back! That is the Reason we celebrate Easter. I can think of no better place to do it than at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. It is a powerful visual of what happened that first Easter morning. The Cross is Empty, He arose! All For Him.”

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