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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Col. Bill Lewis, TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain, Kerrville, TX

“Max and all, Ninety-one friendly folks, nineteen groups scattered from coast to coast, Christians from the Big Apple to visit Mom in Kerrville, Tom and his family, Fallbrook, CA also visiting another Mom in Kerrville. My largest group (21) from Warrior’s Haven, a center near Bandera which provides treatment for First Responders and former military; many of the responders are also former military. I have visited with groups from this organization previously; when I prayed for this outstanding group of men I received a bear hug from each one and a lot of positive statements about the Cross and Garden; many of these fellows are praying their way out of big hole. Their primary response includes feeling His presence and His peace. Mary and her family, SA, military retirees brought friends to experience this lovely peaceful place where you just know God is waiting to hear your prayers; her words. She has often brought house guests. Houston was well represented with repeat visitors bringing friends just to see and experience the Garden. The Mid-West was also heavily represented; small town USA: Hope, Arkansas, Sikeston, MO, Peoria, IIL,, Waterloo, Northern Michigan and a couple more I have forgotten. I had a steady flow of guests; the parking lot had seventeen vehicles when I arrived and it maintained fifteen or more for two hours; I started to leave four or five times; each time another car would arrive. I was so busy I didn’t known Karl was working until he came by my office on the way home. I usually have a chance to say hello to Dakota and his busy Bob Cat; all I had time for today was a wave as he make multiple passes with another load of soil. Joe Ed has a real winner in that lad. I caught a couple glimpses of Randy as he kept busy. I had a short visit with Debbye and Johnny on the way up the Mountain. I shared the vision tale a number of times; almost every group had at least one first time visitor. They have one thing in common; they are amazed at the way the native plants enhance the man designed Garden and its sculptures. No new adjectives to day but I sure heard a lot of old faithful being repeated; Beautiful, with an absolutely prefix now and then. I feel so at peace when I am in the Cross is a very familiar phrase. You could have taken a lot of bows today; Max: the newbies had the same praise statements I often hear and the same questions; “Where did he get this fantastic design?” I tell them you are on a first name basis with the designer of the universe. My bedtime is approaching; God bless each of you as you minister to His kids in His Garden.”

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