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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

David Broussard, Donor Artist, Dallas, TX

“Why did we donate the sculpture? “We donated “It Is Finished” because we believe in the vision of the sculpture garden. I had drawn out the design for the sculpture in 2008, and when Max showed me the vision for the property from the highest point, I showed him my sketch of the sculpture. He asked me if I would donate it and I immediately said yes. Max has mentored me since 2002. This was not only a way to show my gratitude for all he as done, but even more important, it was my way of giving back to The Lord. My heart’s desire is to see souls won for Christ and this is a way to do it. What is the meaning of the piece? “It Is Finished” represents the three nails that held Jesus to the cross. I wanted to create a contemporary sculpture that would draw people to it. “It Is Finished” are the last three words that Jesus spoke before He gave up His Spirit. I wanted a more tangible meaning to express exactly what “It Is Finished” means, so I asked The Lord for a subtitle to bring it home and what I heard is, “The End Of Religion. The Beginning Of

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