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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Heidi, Norway

“Max, thank you so much for letting me grow (spiritually), build muscles, find grace, hope and we strength…in the garden. Your boldness is a huge inspiration. I know I will be grateful till I die and beyond!”

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Preston Courtney, Kerrville, TX

“Dear Max, I told you Sunday of a man I had met at the men’s breakfast the day before. His name is Captain Dave Hunt. He told me he was an 18-wheel driver from Louisiana who had made arrangements to move with some friends to New Mexico some time back. He said he had never been this way into the hill country, and especially through Kerrville. When he got here, “something” made him

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Nancy House, Colorado Springs, CO

“Dear Max, I want to share my miracle of healing inside of The Empty Cross last month, and also tell you of my connection with you and Sherry. I met you and your family at Keith Lamb’s church (Grace Bible Chapel) when your daughter was young. My sister, Janet, who still lives in Texas, took me to see your sculpture of Jesus and Peter sitting on a hill at Living Waters Retreat Center.

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Nancy House, Colorado Springs, CO

“To The Coming King Foundation: I am from Colorado Springs, CO and was recently visiting my sister from Georgetown, TX, who has visited the Garden several times. She was so amazed at God’s powerful presence each time she was inside the Cross, and was excited to take us there. We visited on October 15, 2016. Before heading to Texas, I had a biopsy appointment on my thyroid glands canceled due to being on

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Ruth Villanueva

“I went to the Cross on my birthday, 10/4/16. My Mom passed away from cancer more than a year ago, and all my brothers and sisters abandoned me because I love Jesus Christ. I have always love them and respected them, and I have shared the Jesus Gospel for over 40 years. My husband of 43 years, a blessing from God to me, is having health problems and I myself am disabled due

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