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Eclipse Info

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Roz Bell, TCKF Office, Kerrville, TX

“The amazing White Hummingbird has created much attention at The Garden. I feel this is definitely The Holy Spirit calling people to meet Jesus at The Empty Cross! Doors are opening to bring more and more Souls to Jesus not only here at TCKF Garden but for many more Gardens around the world! The vision that God gave Max and Sherry is coming to fruition right before our eyes! What a magnificent view we are getting by being part of TCKF family. Alleluia, Thank You Jesus for your abundant Blessings! Debby and I have been both been having very strong feelings about the placement of The Lion of Judah in Israel. We are thankful for the safe delivery of The LOJ. However, to fulfill its mission it must be placed for all to see. Please pray fervently that The Lion will be loosed from its crate and the Mighty Roar of The LOJ will heard throughout Israel, calling His people to worship The Lord! With Prayer & Thanksgiving to Jesus

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