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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Fern Lancaster, Former TCKF Trustee, Kerrville, TX

“Constance Woods, Suzanna Tucker & I went to the cross on Saturday around 3:00, we left at 5:15! We had a good time looking & walking around talking about the Garden. While we were at the Lion of Judah circle the ladies were taking pictures of the cross from that angle. Suzanna turned to me and as I looked at her face, she had “Glory Dust” around her eyes! I commented on it (you know me, I never get excited about it!) and said to her, “God must really have something for you to see.” She said, “She and Constance were talking about perceiving from God driving to the cross!” About that time Constance looked at her hands, they were covered with Glory Dust! We had a Hallelujah time! As we were walking back to the cross, a pick-up with a man and woman arrived and got out of their vehicle. But, by the time we walked up they left. I have no idea who it was. The ladies are going to send us the pictures they took at the cross. Now to the most exciting time there! For me, anyway! We stood inside the cross & prayed the rest of the time we were t here. Suzanna got so tired she had to go to the car. Constance and I stayed in the cross.God gave Constance 4/5 new songs that she sang along with our praying in English and our heavenly language. It was truly awesome! This is a quote from Constance Woods: Just walking into the Cross I felt the presence of God tangibly. As we prayed, adoration came up out of my belly, to Yeshua Homisha. We were truly in the Holy of Holies releasing songs to Him. I did not want to leave. Constance Woods. God is so awesome!”

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