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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Kirk & Kelle Richter, TCKF Tour Guide Chaplains, Kerrville, TX

“My wife Kelle and I took the opportunity to go to the Garden this past Sunday before 10:30 church service and were pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors who came wanting prayer. One story in particular we wanted to share was of three sisters from Austin… One of the sisters could barely walk as another helped her out of the car to sit on the rock wall. I went over to help them and discovered that Pat (the sister in the wheelchair) really didn’t want to be there, but because of her sister’s encouragement decided to come… As we got close to the cross we heard God telling us we should go ask these three sisters if they needed prayer. When we asked them, Pat said with a joyful voice ‘I was hoping ya’ll would pray for me’. She asked if we would pray for healing from Arthritis that was crippling her; primarily in her knees, which was preventing her from walking without a wheelchair. So, we all laid hands on her and began to pray. God began to work right away as Pat’s hands were freed from Arthritis immediately! She could now easily move her wrists, hands, and fingers without any pain, all the stiffness was gone! As we continued to pray, God healed her knees! I asked her to get up out of the wheelchair, and as she got up, she realized that the pain in her knees was gone, and that she could walk on her own without pain! We began to walk from The Coming King sculpture to Jesus, the Fisher of Men; as Pat and I walked she had tears of joy, and telling me how thankful she was that God had healed her…With great joy she told us she now knew that God loves her, and that she was looking forward to her new life.”

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