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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Becky Flowers, TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain, Kerrville, TX

“I just wanted to share with you all my day today. God is so awesome and I love, love, love it when He shows off. One day I will take a tablet and write down all the names and places where people come from and until then here is the synopsis. First, let me say how I came to go there (to the garden) today. I went to Home Depot to buy a push broom. Never been there before. It is across town. That is so funny because I moved here in 1996 from Dallas. I have assimilated! Then, going to my truck, that still small voice said ‘go to the Mountain’. That thrilled me so just to ‘hear’ His (God’s) voice! When I got there, (Tour Guide Chaplain) Ron Peterson was just leaving. I had my (Guide) apron in the truck but couldn’t find my badge. That just meant everyone I approached, I had to introduce myself. Like most of us, it was just overwhelming to be a part of so many visitors. From as far as Wisconsin to Port Lavaca, first timers, to those returning many times. They just kept coming…I lost count. I stayed from noon to 2pm. And yes, it is possible to get a tan in January!! A few of the highlights included a returner that brought marking pens for the Prayer Rocks (we were low the last time she came) and felt this was just as much as service to us as anything. Another was the couple that was taking ‘professional’ pictures of the sculptures with a fantastic camera. I caught him (with permission) later and that is the picture attached. Then, I looked down and saw it….the Glory Dust…after I prayed with a lady asking for prayer for a sister in Christ, that was diagnosed with cancer. Both of us had it all over our hands!!! What a thrill!! Several people saw us looking at our hands and came over to see what was happening. As we looked, it came upon those standing around!!! I saw others afar off begin looking at their hands…it was just the coolest thing. God showing off!!! I left shortly afterward. The Glory Dust was still on my hands by the time I got home. I am just overwhelmed by Him (God). What a privilege to serve at the Empty Cross. Oh yes, one lady, as I was about to leave, who I had spoken with earlier, came to me for a hug. Then she prayed the most beautiful prayer FOR ME, and how blessed she felt for meeting me. Oh Lord, how Great You are.”

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